Showplace EVO

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The short summary: ShowplaceEVO is an employee-owned brand of American-made full-access cabinetry for the home and workplace, which is sold through authorized independent dealers across the nation, backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

So what does all that mean? Allow us to elaborate.

"Full-access" cabinetry is one of the many ways of designing and building cabinets. It is also sometimes called "frameless" or "European-style" cabinetry.

It's different from the most-common American cabinetmaking norms, which employ an assembled face frame which attaches to the front of the cabinet box. The doors hinge to this frame, and either overlay it, or are inset flush within it. A cabinet face frame is normally constructed of 1-1/2" wide components, which, by their nature, restrict each cabinet opening somewhat.

But full-access cabinetry is different.
Full-access cabinets have no face frame. Doors attach directly to a sturdy box, allowing full unrestricted access to the cabinet interior. Thus the name: full-access.

Spend some time on our construction page if you'd like to know more about how we make our cabinets. And take a look at our lifetime warranty, to get an idea how confident we are in what we make for you.

And we do make it for you. One cabinet at a time.

Each ShowplaceEVO cabinet is built to order. Nothing is made in advance to sit on a warehouse shelf, waiting to be wanted. Every one of your cabinets is crafted just for you, to exactly fit your space, tastes and personality. Then it's delivered to you complete and ready to install.

And that's why we only sell through trained, authorized independent dealers. There are a lot of custom options with ShowplaceEVO that require knowledge to navigate, so it can't be sold directly, or at a big-box home center.
Part of the value of ShowplaceEVO is the expertise of our dealers. We invite you to leverage that value to the fullest.

ShowplaceEVO is part of Showplace Wood Products Inc., which was begun in 2000 by a group of experienced industry professionals. Since then the Showplace facility has grown into three production plants, having expanded six times, more than quadrupling its initial square footage.

Along the way, Showplace transitioned to being 100% employee-owned.

In response to nationwide demand, Showplace created the new ShowplaceEVO offering of full-access cabinetry in 2015.

Our Harrisburg, SD factory is brand new, filled with the latest and best manufacturing equipment and technology, and staffed by employee-owners eager to impress you.

We hope to build some ShowplaceEVO full-access cabinetry just for you.