This completely natural surface has a lot of distinctive benefits that you wonít find in rivals such as marble, quartz and granite. Along with these amazing benefits also come various cons that you should know about before taking the plunge and making an investment in a new counter.

Beautiful farmhouse style sink made of soapstone.We have put forth every effort to bring forward all of the pros and cons so that you can make a truly informed opinion about the new addition to your kitchen.

There are a lot of reasons why you should seriously consider this work surface for your kitchen including the following:

  • Durability
  • Aesthetic value
  • Workability
  • Density
  • A healthier choice
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Textures available
  • Return on investment
  • Cost effectiveness
  • How it ages


Mother Nature has put her best into producing this rock that is available in varying degrees of hardness. The softest type is used for sculpting while harder stone is used for tables, kitchen work surfaces, wood burning stoves, tiles etc. If you took a chemistry class back in high school you would have been working on a soapstone lab table since itís pretty much impervious to most types of liquids and chemicals. If you go back and visit your high school classroom youíll probably see the same tables in place that you were using years ago.

Durability is one of itsí biggest bragging rights and itís common to see soapstone stoves and sinks that were manufactured in the 1800s still being used today in the northeast section of the United States. If you decide to purchase one for your kitchen work surface you can consider it to be a beautiful investment for life.

Aesthetic value

When it comes to any soapstone countertops, no 2 slabs are ever the same. The one that you have decorating your kitchen will never be duplicated in any other home. Your countertop will become a personal treasure and will grow on you as it ages.

The color of the stone can vary depending on the area that is coming from. The colors can range from an almost pale green to a light gray and if you choose a slab that comes from Brazil, youíll often see the same type of veining that youíd find in fine marble. Youíll have the option of applying mineral oil to soapstone countertops to darken the look or you can keep it looking natural and avoid the oiling process completely. Mineral oil does not have to be applied and youíll have the choice between a lighter and a darker countertop based on your own personal preference.

Itís natural beauty makes it blend in perfectly with older traditional homes and cottage style houses but youíll find it also appearing in higher-end luxury homes.


Modern kitchen with a soapstone countertop and a touch of country flair.
With soapstone you donít have to worry about taking a pot from the stove and putting it right onto the counter. This stone wonít get damaged from heat and doesnít stain. Itís a lot easier to cook with a soapstone countertop since you wonít have to worry about spilling things or placing hot items on it. The only other type of counter that can compete with it when it comes to workability in the kitchen is one that is made of stainless steel.


They are are non-porous so it will never absorb liquids. Spilling a glass of red wine on the counter is not a problem and any acidic liquids can be wiped right off as well. This type of stone is so dense that no type of sealant is required at all. You can only oil the countertop but this is only done for aesthetic reasons.

A Healthier Choice

You donít have to worry about germs and bacteria invading your soapstone countertop. As a result, youíll be providing a healthier and safer kitchen environment for everyone in the family.

Environmentally Friendly

Soapstone countertops are harvested from the earth and simply custom cut to fit your kitchen. Itís all-natural and can be recycled completely. No sealers or toxic chemicals of any kind will be introduced into your home. Nothing needs to be done to make soapstone beautiful since nature has taken care of this all on its own. Once it has been quarried from the earth it simply needs a cleanup and a trimming before it arrives at your door in its natural state.

Textures available

You can order them with different textures and you donít have to settle only for a high-polished finish like you would with other stones. Whether you want it to be slightly rough or completely smooth, this stone can be refinished according to your preference. No matter what texture you choose, youíll love the way it feels soft to the touch without compromising on durability.

Return on investment

If you install a soapstone countertop in your kitchen you can expect to see a return on your investment when you sell your home. Generally, new soapstone countertops will see a 50% to 80% ROI once the house sells.

Cost effectiveness

Although the actual slab can cost quite a bit and can be comparable in price to other natural stones, you have more cost-effective options when it comes to the installation of your countertop. Fortunately, itís is one of the easiest counters to set up and you can even take it on as a do-it-yourself project on your own. No expensive installation company is required.

How it ages

Large backsplash behind wet bar.Youíll find that they age well and can last for many generations. If you get any scratches, you can either leave them as a part of the natural patina or you can sand them out to restore the initial integrity of the stone. You canít do that with a granite countertop! Scratches, dents and other imperfections that take place on other natural stones canít be easily worked out and youíll just have to learn to live with them!


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